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and i feel fine

20 May

i’m really sorry; i just couldn’t help myself. happy rapture eve!
live it up while you still can…


mouthful of diamonds

16 May

after a whirlwind of a week and a serious case of the mondays that
stayed well beyond its welcome, i am back. and, more importantly,
so is the music.

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writer’s block

6 May

some days, nothing can get in the way of my productivity. words flow from my mind to the page faster than my hands can type. but today is not one of those days. in fact, i’m finding even the smallest interruptions terribly distracting. like music with words, for example. so if you’re like me, singing along instead of working, here’s an instrumental mix to get you back—and keep you—on track. at least until the whistle blows.

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so long, old friend

6 May

i love bon iver, and “skinny love” is probably my favorite song in their repertoire. so when i heard this amazing birdy cover on last night’s episode of “the vampire diaries,” i just had to share it. Birdy is only 14, and if this record is any indication, she’s got a long career ahead of her.

speaking of tvd, i am still reeling from all of the drama, including the loss of a most beloved character. so this one’s for you, aunt jenna. you will be missed.

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