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new theory

20 Dec

i am in a mad dash to the finish line, which, in this case, is friday, my last day of work for the year). every year, without fail, halloween hits and i realize i have the majority of my vacation days to burn through. so i end up taking the week between christmas and new year’s off. jealous? you should be! i can’t wait to sleep in and lounge around in my pajamas all day long. it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

anyway, here’s a non-holiday playlist to get you the mid-week slump.
happy listening,
alicia ❤


christmas called, it wants its music back

19 Dec

is it just me, or does anyone else avoid the radio around this time each year to save themselves from the nightmare that is the latest crop of pop christmas “hits?” try as they may, some classics just shouldn’t be changed (i’m looking at you, justin beiber).

here, i present you with some of my all-time favorite holiday music, as well as a few new ones that, in my opinion, can stick around for the party.
happy listening,

under the covers

2 Dec

do you know what i love more than a brilliant song from a legendary band? a cover of said song from an equally amazing artist. whether its a complete rearrangement or simply a to-the-note tribute, covers have a way of breathing new life into old favorites. it’s like changing a picture from color to black and white: the subject is the same, but the interpretation is different.
it’s like magic.

what’s your favorite all-time cover?

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