dinner party

18 Jan

i am a sucker for songs featured in commercials. double points if i can identify the song before looking it up (like this one—yum!). as much as i hate to admit it, often times it’s how i first learn about many artists. case in point: a few years back i fell hard for the melodic song that played in the background of this walmart commercial. after weeks of researching, i finally found the song and artist on some obscure message board. the budding artist, zee avi, had an amazing collection of songs that i played over and over for an entire week. i was in love. and then my computer crashed and i forgot her name and couldn’t find the board again. fast forward two years to monday, when i heard her single, “concrete wall,” on one of my tv shows. and instantly, i was in love all over again.

(seriously, how cute is she?)

happy listening,


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