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black balloon

7 Mar

hey! it’s been really crazy around here the last few weeks. no time to chat. but here’s a little something to get you over the mid-week hump.
happy listening,




14 Feb

it’s shaping up to be an incredibly busy week, so i’m cheating today—but in the best way possible.


the lineup for bonnaroo 2012 was announced and it is going to be insane. seriously, the words ‘epic’ and ‘legendary’ don’t come close to describing it’s potential awesomeness.

the lovely folks at bonnaroo have put together an 81-track playlist of this year’s performers. check it out here. more info about the festival, including the lineup, is one click away.
happy listening,


9 Feb

the thing i love about music is that it can instantly change your mood with just a note or two. to me, it’s priceless. to others (ahem, apple) it’s $1.29/song. but anyway. so i get really excited when a band decides to offer up a song or an entire album free of charge. jackpot!

here’s a quick roundup of some freebies from around the web. #yourewelcome

1. fort lean’s “sunsick
2. future unlimited’s “golden
3. cold war kids’ “minimum day” and “minimum mistake
4. the big pink’s “give it up

happy downloading,

winter beats

6 Feb

unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the giants beat the patriots last night in a little competition called the super bowl.

[not my actual husband, but you get the idea.]

thank goodness. had the outcome been reversed, my sunday night would have been very unpleasant.

in the event that you, too, are dragging a little more than usual today, i’ve decided to post tomorrow’s scheduled playlist today. (yay!) i have had gotye’s “somebody that i used to know” in my head for the last week after randomly hearing it on the radio. it’s so awesome i can’t even take it.
the video, available here, is equally incredible.
happy listening,


3 Feb



my stomach is doing backflips today for the following reasons:

1. it’s friday. (duh!)
2. i have an article due today that i haven’t even started yet. oops.
3. jason wu for target debuts bright and early on sunday! (you can view the lookbook here.) i know where i’ll be come 8 a.m. #jasonwufortarget
4. sea of bees is coming out with a new album, orangefarben, this spring. it is scheduled to hit the u.s. on may 1. the first single from the album, “broke,” has been released for your listening pleasure. never heard of sea of bees? fret not, my friends. have a listen to the previous album, songs of the ravens, below.
happy listening,

the lion’s roar

1 Feb

so i thought it would be a good idea to take a walk during my lunch break to take advantage of the beautiful weather…


turns out, it was the worst. idea. ever. because now all i want to do is hightail it outta here and enjoy the fresh air. why do i have to be stuck in this freezing cold office when i can be out in the sunshine? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? i hate being a grownup sometimes (clearly).


asleep at the trigger

25 Jan

this weather is seriously throwing me for a loop. snowy one day, warm the next. i have a theory that winter is playing a very cruel april fool’s joke. and i, for one, am not laughing.

anyway, my morning jacket has been cropping up in just about every teen drama on the air right now. verdict is still out on how i feel about them. so I decided to add one of my favorites to today’s playlist to get your opinion. do you think mmj is worthy of all the attention?
happy listening,

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